Traditional vs Agile comparison
in AEC (Architecture and Construction)

Agile vs traditional 🏄 🥊 👨‍💼

🏄 Agile

👨‍💼 Traditional

Project Scope 

Variable, the project scope can be modified as we progress

Fixed, the project scope is fixed at the beginning of the project

Team organization

Flat, the team is autonomous and can take decisions

Hierachical, they are manager and sub-manager

Client involvement

High, the client is required to follow closely the progression at each iteration and help focus in the good direction

Low, the client explain his requirement at the beginning and will review at predefined stage


Adaptable, The team decide of the processes and better way to organize

Top - Down defined, the processes are fixed by the managers and needs to be followed

Feedbacks loops

Fast, iteration based, the feedbacks are done at each iteration so modification is quick

Slow, stage-based, we need to wait months before having feedbacks on our work